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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

 Year 4 is comprised of 2 classes: Osprey and Heron.

The class teachers are Mrs Brewer, Miss Culverhouse and Mrs Garrett.  They consider themselves, and the children, very lucky to be helped by a number of other adults; Mrs Jarrett, Mrs Loake and Mrs Scarfe.

All the adults in the Year 4 team work closely together to ensure that all the children feel safe, valued and able to explore their environment and learning experiences to enable them to achieve their true potential.

The school values are very important to the staff and children within year 4 and we strive to show them throughout our interactions with each other.

Year 4 can be a tricky year and the work can get quite demanding. Positivity is key to ensuring that the children succeed. They will never be asked to do anything that they cannot achieve. It may not be easy but the hard work and effort required to flourish will help the children to understand the need for resilience and determination.

Working together as a team will also help ensure that the days in Year 4 are filled with happiness, which is what we aim for. Happy children and adults make for children that want to be in school, want to learn and want to succeed. All of these fantastic feelings and goals make Year 4 the place to be!

We also appreciate that helping the children to grow in their understanding and learning requires good communication with parents as well as support from home with learning. We thank you in advance for all the help and support you will be giving to your child through their Year 4 journey.


Year 4 Curriculum Overviews