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Sports Premium

The Government’s announced additional spend of £150m per year for academic years 2013-14, 2014-15 & 2015-16. This ring-fenced funding is aimed at Primary Schools. From September 2013 schools will be held to account over how they spend their additional funding. 

Sports Premium at Meadowside

We believe P.E. and sport are an essential part of every child’s development. We endeavour to provide high quality physical education and sporting opportunities for every child, equipping them to lead healthy, active lifestyles as well as providing the children with the necessary skills of good sportsmanship, to strive for excellence and not be discouraged if they do not win. We aim to offer a balanced program and a variety of activities to provide all pupils with the opportunity to develop a broad spectrum of skills whilst enabling them to develop acceptable fitness levels. We want to raise the aspirations of every student as well as the determination and enthusiasm to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle in future years. Allocation In the 2014-15 financial year our Sports Premium allocation was £9,472.

How we spent our allocation for 2015/16

We continued to work closely with Kettering Sports Partnership, to ensure that we spent the funds to our children’s best advantage, as follows.

  • Membership of Kettering Sports Partnership. The benefits of this to the school are: -
  • On-going professional development and training in the form of courses for any member of staff. These cover all areas of the PE curriculum and include a focus on keeping children fit and healthy.
  • On-going development and review of our PE curriculum.
  • Access and invitation to a wide range of competitions, including football, athletics, multi-skills, netball, basketball, swimming, hockey.
  • Support for our most able sporting pupils through special events aimed at them.
  • Specialist coaches who are brought in to work alongside teachers to help develop confidence and competence with the delivery of particular aspects of the PE curriculum. This year we included KS1 dance and KS2 tag rugby.
  • Covering the costs of supply teachers when staff are attending PE courses/competitions for children.

The funding for 2016/17 is likely to be spent in a similar way.

  • Membership of Meadowside Sports Partnership
  • The use of sports coaches to further improve the teaching of particular aspects of the PE curriculum, with a focus on KS2 dance and KS1 gymnastics
  • Running Sports Development Clubs for Years 3&4 and 5&6
  • Covering the costs of supply teachers when staff are attending PE courses
  • Additional Admin Team time in order to safeguard the children attending (or missing) after school sports clubs.
  • Purchase of gym equipment to help facilitate an after school gym club.
  • Opportunities for further competitions