1. About Our School
  2. Values



To ensure

  • delivery of an enriching curriculum in which we constantly strive to raise and maintain our high standards
  • that the school environment is colourful, stimulating and well cared for
  • that the school reflects and promote the excitement and enjoyment of the children's learning

To enable

  • children and staff to achieve success which can be celebrated and built upon
  • progression so that we can extend each child by defining achievable targets and appropriate challenges

To foster

  • values and promote learning in a happy and positive atmosphere

 To value

  • each child as an individual
  • good relationships between parents/carers, staff and children, this is essential for successful learning
  • and expect the support of parent/carers in a partnership role to support and encourage children's learning
  • each member of our learning community
  • the support of our governors and members of the wider community

To encourage

  • all children to value and respect each other
  • encourage positive attitudes to school and life long learning, acknowledge different interests, strengths and ways of learning, meeting individual needs
  • children to have due regard for their own property and that of others
  • good relations and links between the school and the wider community of which we are a part, so that all may benefit


School Values

 The school has four values which are central to school expectations. They are displayed in the main halls and in each classroom. They are discussed with the children and used as a basis for class rules. FS/KS 1 also have Golden Rules.


  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Reflection
  • Resilience


Golden Rules for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

  • Do be gentle
  • Do be kind
  • Do listen
  • Do be honest
  • Do work hard
  • Do look after property


Positive reinforcement of the Golden Rules should be used e.g. ‘please walk’ not ‘don’t run’.