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Roles and Responsibilities


Expectations of ALL Governors


  • Attend meetings of the GB whenever possible, and provide good reasons for any failure to attend meetings
  • Prepare for and contribute to meetings and complete any agreed follow-up work



  • Contribute to the GB’s operation as an effective team by establishing and maintaining good working relationships with other governors and with staff
  • Recognise the power of the GB body is vested in the group and that no governor has individual authority unless it is delegated by the GB
  • Recognise the respective roles of the GB and the Headteacher and staff
    • the GB is a strategic body
    • the operational management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher)
  • Recognise that governors are equal members of the GB and accept collective responsibility. Speak or act on behalf of the GB only when authorised to do so
  • Accept a fair share of the GB’s work, including through active committee membership


Knowledge of the school

  • Arrange to visit the school when teaching and learning are taking place and attend school events and functions
  • Know the school’s strengths, its areas for development and improvement plans


Personal interests

  • Put responsibilities as a governor before personal interests
  • Ensure any business or pecuniary interests are declared as required and withdraw from meetings as appropriate



  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Act at all times fairly and without prejudice
  • Support the school in the community, exercising prudence and tact if contentious issues affecting the school arise outside the GB, and follow procedures agreed by the GB in making or responding to criticism or complaints


Personal development

  • Undertake training and take advantage of opportunities to increase understanding and effectiveness as a governor
  • Keep up to date with governance through reading and accessing information via the National Governors Association material, Key for Governors support, school information – the website and newsletter - and Local Authority information.


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